Develop a Print Strategy

Develop a Print Strategy

Sustainable, long-term efficiency gains require that imaging and printing be approached as part of your organization’s overall IT strategy.

We consult with your IT staff to develop short and long range plans to improve print services management and enhance the capabilities for your business. We recommend a more strategic approach to acquiring, managing, securing, and supporting the assets involved in printing, copying, scanning and faxing. LTS works with organizations to help them realize the full benefits of optimizing their infrastructure and managing it over time. Our experience shows that establishing governance structures and documenting print policies early in the process increases the likelihood of end-user adoption and long-term success. We apply a “best practices” approach to achieve device reduction and fleet optimization, resulting in lower predictable monthly costs.

We factor in existing device utilization, identify redundant equipment, and determine optimum employee to device ratios according to need and office footprint. Our solution provides visibility into print activity to improve control and management of the fleet. We provide specific device-by-device recommendations as to whether devices should be removed, replaced, retained or redeployed. Interviews with key stakeholders provide insight and knowledge, ensuring our expertise and recommendations for print policies are relevant and testable. Our recommendations are based on measurable benefits and provide quantifiable cost savings that will stand up to cost benefit analysis by the Finance Team.

As a result many organizations have right-sized printer fleets, refreshed copiers with multifunction devices (MFP’s), educated end users and embraced networking technologies. Many are now focused in automating document and information workflows. The ability to adjust to evolving business conditions must be accounted for from day one. Documented print policies support the business by defining a set of guidelines that end users can understand, follow and adapt to. And they allow management to set clear goals for measuring and communicating progress.

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