Gain Executive Support

Gain Executive Support

It’s essential to gain high-level executive support to set the tone for the MPS engagement.

  • The executive team understand costs and are an easier sell than the end-users.
  • Two thirds of organizations found end-user resistance to be a significant barrier.
  • No one wants to be responsible for physically confiscating desktop printer, especially from executives.
  • End-users often cite that their personal printers are required to:
    • Perform duties necessary for productivity, workflow or for ergonomic reasons
    • More convenient than walking to network multifunction printers and waiting in line for print jobs
    • More secure, not understanding the ability to use secure release print functionality.
    • End-user resistance can be a potential barrier to implementing an MPS engagement. Behavioral changes are painful. Communicating costs and soliciting users early in the process will greatly improve implementation and minimize complaints.. Print services can be politically sensitive, prepare for some end-user pushback by securing a senior business sponsor, ideally a “C” level executive.
    • Do not underestimate the difficulty of getting users to change their print behaviors.
    • Communicate costs, inform users of true cost structure associated with printing hardware, consumables and maintenance.
    • Solicit end-user input through surveys and consider their input when making decisions regarding device consolidation and elimination.
    • Communicate IT’s justification for the initiative.
    • Prepare responses to typical end user concerns.
    • Communicate that personal printer costs aren’t peripheral and the TCO for desktop personal devices are extremely costly.
    • Explain the tradeoff and the high aggregate price of out of control printing behavior.

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