Office Printing Out of Control?

Office Printing Out of Control

Typically, decisions pertaining to printers are made in “silos”. Office services or facilities handles the copiers, procurement may be responsible for printing supplies, while IT buys the printers and is in charge of supporting the fleet. Different departments all have a say in the process but there is no single department 100% responsible for the office printing budget.

  • “90% of businesses do not know how much money they are spending on printing”. BLI
  • “As much as 1-3 percent of your corporate revenues are spent on printing costs”. Gartner Group
  • “The average annual printing cost per employee is $480.00”. Photizo Group
  • “Hardware costs account for only 5 percent of the total cost of ownership”. Photizo Group
  • “40% of print related expenses avoid formal procurement approval“. Xerox Corp.
  • “23% of IT help desk calls are print related". Gartner Group

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