Our Solution

Our Solution

Strategic Print

A customized, end-to-end solution that identifies your true document output expenses and optimizes and manages your printing and imaging infrastructure to reduce and control costs.

Best Practice Roadmap to Savings.

When you partner with Strategic Print, you get access to a team of experts who have an extensive knowledge of print management. Our team will work closely with you to design a plan using your current printer fleet that provides maximum productivity, strategic device utilization and significant cost savings. We begin with a Strategic Print assessment of your company’s existing print environment to uncover your true costs and inefficiencies, which may include redundant, under-utilized or outdated equipment.

  • Identify, control and mange operating expenses with one source accountability.
  • Consolidate and redeploy existing fleet to ensure the right devices are strategically placed to maximize productivity and minimize costs.
  • Implement an easy to understand cost-per-print plan that includes all service and supplies.
  • Savings in IT support costs with help desk calls for print-related topics reduced by more than 30 percent
  • Consumables and maintenance costs are eliminated because cost-per-print is all-inclusive.
  • Proactive remote monitoring and automated fulfillment of supplies drive additional labor savings (time saved to replace cartridges)
  • Establish print policies such as duplex printing, rules based printing and routing large jobs to high volume-low cost devices.
  • Document workflow improved with the use of multifunction devices
  • Ongoing identification of ways to reduce costs and streamline workflows.
  • Identify inefficient technology that can be replaced with higher-performing and more energy-efficient devices
  • Helps understand how productivity can improve with faster queue and print times
  • Reveals how security can be enhanced with print technology that requires user pass codes before printing documents
  • Opportunity to centralize print queues, enabling a user to receive a print job from any printer on the network by simply entering a code
  • Simplifies management with newer efficient ink and larger paper capacities
  • Reveals how costs can be better allocated departmentally with print metering
  • Realize a significant reduction in print expenses over time.

MPS was established so that organizations can understand and manage the cost of printing. LTS breaks down the acquisition and support costs expected over the lifetime of the device, and establishes an all-inclusive page rate that takes all these costs into consideration. Once known, these costs can be budgeted, forecasted and reported in order to more thoroughly manage a previously unmanaged business expense. Furthermore, this model transfers the risk of toner cartridge and print device performance directly to the service provider.

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