Managed Print Services

Our Solution

Strategic Print

A customized, end-to-end solution that identifies your true document output expenses and optimizes and manages your printing and imaging infrastructure to reduce and control costs.

Gain Executive Support

It’s essential to gain high-level executive support to set the tone for the MPS engagement.

Develop a Print Strategy

Sustainable, long-term efficiency gains require that imaging and printing be approached as part of your organization’s overall IT strategy.

Where to Start?

Understanding the current print environment is not easy. It requires expertise to inventory all devices, assess their related costs and determine how they’re impacted by the print volumes across the organization. In most cases, the printing capacity of an organization far outweighs the need. We perform a full evaluation of your current output services infrastructure and identify opportunities to improve performance, streamline operations and reduce costs. Our approach is to build a comprehensive baseline of your current print environment by:

Total Cost of Printing

Today, virtually every organization is searching for new ways to control costs and operate more efficiently. Most companies do not understand the total cost of general office printing. Many factors contribute to the cost of producing a printed page, including both hard costs and related costs. Acquisition price alone is usually less than 10% of the total ownership costs. Historically, this has been hard to control, as print expenditures and measurements tend to be spread across many different departments.

Office Printing Out of Control?

Typically, decisions pertaining to printers are made in “silos”. Office services or facilities handles the copiers, procurement may be responsible for printing supplies, while IT buys the printers and is in charge of supporting the fleet. Different departments all have a say in the process but there is no single department 100% responsible for the office printing budget.

Managed Print Services

Laser Technologies Service, Inc., is a Xerox Authorized Dealer and HP Gold Imaging Partner with 20 years of experience managing large printer fleets for corporations in the greater Boston area.

We provide visibility, improve efficiency and reduce operating costs related to producing and managing documents. LTS Managed Print Services can help streamline your company’s office print operations and reduce print and copy expenditures by up to 30%. We are experts in print assessments that enable corporations to understand and optimize the entire print environment.

Managed Print Services

We are proud to provide customers with Managed Print Services, the new frontier in office savings, productivity gains and environmental sustainability. 

Why Choose Managed Print Services?

If left unmanaged, an office's printing environment can create a number of problems. These include:

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