Total Cost of Printing

Total Cost of Printing

Today, virtually every organization is searching for new ways to control costs and operate more efficiently. Most companies do not understand the total cost of general office printing. Many factors contribute to the cost of producing a printed page, including both hard costs and related costs. Acquisition price alone is usually less than 10% of the total ownership costs. Historically, this has been hard to control, as print expenditures and measurements tend to be spread across many different departments.

Companies can save as much as 30% of total printing costs with an MPS engagement.

Organizations are unaware of the saving potential because:

  • Many companies have no aggregate view of the total cost of printing - no one is responsible for managing it.
  • Without this visibility, it is difficult to gain executive commitment and support.
  • Printer consolidation is often an unpopular initiative with end-users.
  • Organizations often lack the tools and data needed to uncover cost-savings potential.

What is necessary?

  • Assign accountability for tracking printer costs to a single department or stakeholder group.
  • Engage with a professional managed print provider to perform a thorough print assessment.
  • Identify areas to eliminate, redeploy, consolidate or refresh equipment to calculate potential savings.
  • Make the business case - Present cost saving opportunities to executives to gain their buy-in. Executives need to be compelled to sponsor or support the initiatives, change needs to be driven from the top.
  • Anticipate and expect end-user resistance, do not underestimate the difficulty of getting users to change their behavior.

Other costs include: supplies, maintenance kits, service, and support costs. LTS takes all costs into consideration when looking at the total costs of printer ownership. We are continuously looking at print policies and processes for ways to improve them, keeping the customer experience foremost in our review process.

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