Where to Start?

Where to Start

Understanding the current print environment is not easy. It requires expertise to inventory all devices, assess their related costs and determine how they’re impacted by the print volumes across the organization. In most cases, the printing capacity of an organization far outweighs the need. We perform a full evaluation of your current output services infrastructure and identify opportunities to improve performance, streamline operations and reduce costs. Our approach is to build a comprehensive baseline of your current print environment by:

  • Deploying our software collection agent to discover all networked & local print assets and capture print metrics.
    • Device type (printer, copier, fax, multifunction, scanner).
    • Make, model, serial number and IP address.
    • Monthly print volume by device and in aggregate.
    • Office location, owner and number of users supported.
    • Device age, estimated useful life and page count to date.
  • Conduct an onsite walkthrough and plot all existing equipment by physical location directly onto electronic floor plans with corresponding department overlay.
    • Determine User-to-device ratios.
    • Determine User walk distance to existing print devices.
    • Determine all existing device functionality.
    • Identify potential security risks relating to data breach.
    • Identify printers that are underutilized.
    • Determine the costs of consumables such as toner/ink.
    • Identify the Total Cost of Ownership for existing devices.
    • Provide a cost summary of the “Existing State”.

Collection of internal data such as lease agreements, invoices and other information prevents assumption-based costing so that the existing state is accurately defined. Print assessment includes workflow monitoring and analysis to determine if multiple older printers can be consolidated to fewer, more powerful print devices. Locations within the company are examined and the total monthly cost and average cost per page are provided, delineated by location or department. In addition, newer devices that do not need replacement are identified. After the total cost of print is determined, a recommended list of replacement products is identified. The related costs of the new devices are compared to the existing environment to reveal the total savings. Part of the assessment includes a consolidation plan to departmentally reduce the number of printers to fewer, faster devices and intelligently redeploy existing assets. We’ll provide you with a Report of Findings that shows your current environment, total monthly costs and areas for improvement. With a complete picture of the current environment, we’ll show you the projected annual savings by implementing our managed print program.

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